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What students are saying


Abdellah Imodane
Abdellah Imodane
I was in Victoria for holidays and I discovered by chance this wonderful Driving School and I had the best driving experience ever. Andre was a fantastic Instructor, very knowledgable and attentive to details. He uses Engeneering and scientific explanations to make things clear and memorable to me, I can say I've learned from him some technincs that will stay with me for my whole life. He provides a high quality coaching, he was generous with his time and energy and I enjoyed every drivng session. You feel like you are learning what the best drivers doesn't know. After completing all my sessions with him I felt very confortable and ready for my Driving Exam. I definetly recommand this Driving School and especially Andre.
unni krishnana nair g.p
unni krishnana nair g.p
"I am so grateful to this driving school for helping me become a confident and safe driver. The instructor's teaching methods were top-notch, and I couldn't have passed my driving test on my first attempt,without their expertise."
Colm O'Connor
Colm O'Connor
Andre is a great teacher and coach. He teaches you how to practice safe driving, not just how to pass the road test. He is very patient and supportive, excellent qualities when you are trying to learn.
Hazel K
Hazel K
Andre is a very patient teacher. And his class includes everything that you need to learn for the road test. With his guidance, I was successful in passing the exam and was able to give an excellent impression to the examiner. By following his steps, you will be required to be a good driver.
Sara María Alvarez Rodríguez
Sara María Alvarez Rodríguez
Andre is very helpful, he teaches you the rules in a way that you can understand easily and very kind and funny person. Thank you for your help!!
Yujin Choi
Yujin Choi
I passed the road test, finally got my full license 🙏🏻 The instructor- Andre taught me not only driving test tips but life tips while I'm in the car. He is very passionate, thoughtful and sincere. I highly recommend my chosen driving school ltd to learn, practice and improve yourself during driving. I really hope this school gets more respect. 👍🏻
Matt McVea
Matt McVea
Andre was a great instructor. He is patient, calm, and reassuring. He is very friendly and great at teaching driving skills, and he does so in a positive and reassuring manner. Thanks for your help! Our son passed with flying colours. We will be using him for our daughter too.
Renee Graves
Renee Graves
Andre offers a variety of packages depending on your needs. I needed to brush up before my roadtest and was able to book two lessons for that reason. He showed me the easiest ways to do maneuvers, and how to remember. He is the best. The car is also a really great car to use.
Mona Mohamadnia
Mona Mohamadnia
Andre has been a fantastic driving instructor! He has great teaching techniques and provided me with comprehensive practices each time. Each session was reviewed and marked with valuable feedbacks that helped me improve my skills. He is a great teacher and will prepare you for driving and not just passing the test! Thank you Andre!
Devon Grewal
Devon Grewal
Andre was excellent! Very patient and understanding with our daughter. His knowledge and skills to teach young adults how to drive was right on point. He figures out a way to teach them at a level they understand and succeed.

Why Choose Us?

My Chosen Driving School prides itself in making sure that from the time you join us, you feel comfortable and assured. We serve the Greater Victoria Region. We have a 24/7 online booking system, which allows you to book your lessons efficiently. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have by email or text.

Below are the reasons that make us your best option.

Fully-qualified driving instructors

All of which have the Driving School Certification documents necessary for being a qualified Driving Instructor. My Chosen Driving School is operated by highly experienced driving instructors with a wealth of experience and expertise in Canadian driving laws and regulations. Our instructors are renowned for their patience with new and intermediate drivers, remaining calm and collected throughout their learning curve whilst remaining authoritative and ensuring that the safety of our students & other road users is never compromised.

Comfortable Vehicle

You will feel right at home in the driver’s seat, we train in a fully equipped 2018 Toyota Prius with technology package that provides students with head-up display so they can easily monitor the speed on the windshield. Our car is automatic with dual control brake and more.

Courses for all age ranges

Featuring courses for 16-year-old first-time learners all the way up to senior drivers who may need a refresher course in order to spruce up their driving skills or an Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA).

Competitive & affordable rates

Our regular fee is $90 per hour (plus GST). From time to time, we offer special price and we encourage you to refer to our packages for the specials. Our 90-minute in-car lessons are particularly tailored to deliver the right amount of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to our students.

Flexible lessons

We fit our lessons into times that suit you and your busy schedule, allowing you to learn to drive without disrupting your work/life balance or school/life balance too much!

Free Pick-up & Drop-off

We pick you up and drop you off any where within the area specified on the following map or if you are not living within this area, we can pick you up and drop you off at the Tim Hortons parking lot located at 1099 McKenzie Ave or Save on Food parking lot at Saanich Plaza located at 3540 Blanshard Street.

Solid Foundation

What you'll learn

General driving skills & testable maneuvers*

*Please refer to FAQ for detailed skills and maneuvers.

Safety & Good Decisions

Road Markings

Sharing the Road

Building up self confidence

Defensive Driving

state-of-the-art training

Learn from the professionals

Comfortable Vehicles

You'll feel right at home in the driver's seat. We train in a 2015 Corolla Sedona.

Licensed Training

We've taught over 1000 students safe, responsible and defensive driving skills.

Flexible schedule

Our packages include free pick-up and drop-off at your residence. We're happy to work with you and your schedule.

Book Driving Lessons Online

go beyond your limits

We are extremely committed to providing high quality and professional driving lessons. Our learning environment is friendly and stress free, our students can confirm this. Our priority is not just to help students pass the driving test but also, they have instilled long lasting safe driving habits. The instructors are qualified, friendly and professional that strive to deliver best possible lessons. We also know that patience is the key to learning successfully in addition to quality driving practice. Therefore, we are committing to these principles and this has proven that our students pass the test on the first attempt.

Licensed and experienced professional

Meet your INstructor Andre

“Everyone learns differently, that’s why I have various approaches to teach the same concept to my students. My reward is your big smile when you pass your test.”